SYTECH is a precision metal and plastics manufacturing company that wanted to raise their profile in the industry and attract larger customers. We gave them a new brand strategy and entirely new visual toolkit to better position them as leading edge manufacturing providers and problem solvers.

The new logo illustrates the problem solving nature of SYTECH's capabilities. And in a traditionally conservative industry we gave them bold new colors and a modern typeface to help them stand out and to project a more high-tech, forward thinking image. The extra-thick business card features a black foil on the back to further enhance the feeling of quality. (The logo was recently accepted into Communication Arts Design Annual 65.)
The website features dramatic new photography (Thanks, Dean Davis!), a three part home page carousel that highlights SYTECH's engineering prowess, technology and craftsmanship, and a horizontally scrolling product carousel on the About page.


Lastly, we redesigned their corporate video with a mix of new and existing clips, quick cuts and animated titles to generate excitement and reinforce the breadth of SYTECH's in-house capabilities.