This Issaquah-focused, family-run property development and management company needed a refresh of their websites and identity. Rather than focusing entirely on the firm itself, we developed a strategy of selling Issaquah as a premium work/life destination, with Rowley as the host.

Since the company has had a long and successful history, as has their logo, we wanted to avoid creating a completely new statement with the identity and instead retained, but simplified and modernized, the mountains, a view synonymous with Issaquah and Rowley. Reducing the emphasis on the sunset puts more focus on the name itself.

The banner ad campaign is an extension of our overall brand strategy with the goals being - 1: to address the misperception that Issaquah is 'too far out there'; 2: to reinforce the natural environment and work/life balance aspects that Issaquah offers; and 3: to make Rowley the go-to provider of commercial and residential space in Issaquah.

For the website we used a combination of stock and original photography to showcase the proximity to nature and the work/life balance that Issaquah offers.
For Rowley's Self-Storage business we highlighted the 15' ceilings in their units with the headline "More Volume = More Value" and a series of home page animations that illustrate the concept. (The home page displays one of three animations randomly each time the page loads.) The unit pages feature 3D drawings meant to help customers visualize the space.
We redesigned the site for Rowley's apartment community to showcase the natural setting in a more dramatic way.
We created Rowley's corporate video using a mix of aerial and terrestrial clips to showcase both the beauty of Issaquah and the breadth of Rowley's offerings.